Meet Priya

Priya ran away from her abusive father at the age of 3.
Since then, she’s been rescued by local officials and has
been learning how to read and write in English.
We’re changing her life, and sending her on the path to success.

We’ve helped hundreds of children just like Priya receive a quality education.

Change a Life

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower juveniles and orphans
in India to break the cycle of recidivism and achieve
their full potential through education.

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On the Ground

Education can open so many doors. That’s why we’re providing vocational training for our students and teaching them how to speak English. Our goal is to ensure that these children successfully assimilate back into society and have higher career prospects once released.

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Our Academic Program

Throughout the year, we teach orphans and juveniles how to understand and speak in English as well as provide them with vocational training in hopes that they can embark on a sustainable career upon release. Our local teachers and volunteers in India work tirelessly to invigorate our classrooms through our innovative curricula, which combine both American and Indian teaching styles.

Our Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program serves to help volunteers spread the voice, vision, and mission of Uplift Humanity India to friends, family and local communities. Student Ambassadors learn how to develop business acumen, crucial communication skills and leadership roles, all while advocating for their beliefs. Returning volunteers are able to build upon their impact from India and fundraise money to support our facilities and recruit more volunteers to join our team. Every $300 fundraised by our ambassadors provides English education for 50 children in India for 1 month. Every $5,000 fundraised provides UHI the ability to start a new volunteer location with the potential to impact hundreds of lives.

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Where We Work

Our change-makers are based in the United States and in India. We mesh eastern and western thinking to bring the most effective and cost-efficient educational programs.

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How Far We've Come

Every summer, we bring hundreds of passionate teenagers to India to volunteer in our partner orphanages and juvenile homes. We provide our volunteers with a cultural immersion experience like no other. Our volunteers travel to teach underprivileged children, but in the process end up transforming their own lives.

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We can’t possibly teach without school supplies, computers, and books. Our curriculums utilize innovative teaching methods that incorporate creative educational materials.

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Gather donations to help us raise funds to fuel our programs. Every penny counts!

Help us gather gently
used laptops to invigorate
our classrooms
with technology

Help collect school
supplies like pens,
pencils, and notepads
for our students

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100% of donations fund
educational scholarships

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