A Letter from the Founder, Anish Patel

When people ask why I started Uplift Humanity, they usually expect a sad story of an interaction I had with an orphan on the street or an incarcerated juvenile. But I don’t have any of those. I started this powerful organization because I was simply looking for a way to spend my time every summer back when I was in high school. I thought to myself, “If I’m traveling to India every year for personal holiday, why not actually do something while I’m here?” It was that very question that led to the creation of what is today Uplift Humanity India.

I wanted to help incarcerated youth and orphans because these kids receive little to no attention, but are the ones who need it the most. Most people think that kids who have committed some crime are just bad, and deserve to be behind bars. But its so much more complicated than that. We need to realize that these kids aren’t born bad, but rather are placed in situations where they are negatively influenced to make poor decisions.

That’s why I started Uplift. Because I wanted to share to the world the untold story of what life is really like behind bars.

It’s because of our luck that we were born into the hands of loving parents who were able to provide us with healthy food, clean water, and a quality education. Through Uplift, I want to empower these children to make the right decisions in the future – to ensure they obtain employment once released.

I believe in second chances, and I invite you to as well.

Anish Patel
Founder & CEO
Uplift Humanity India

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