Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a certificate of achievement provided to the students to show they actually did volunteer and logged the hours?

Of course – no good deed goes unseen! We will provide a certificate with the number of volunteer hours and time spent during your child’s visit. We can also provide a letter of recommendation with more details of the trip and achievements if requested.

2. What services are provided if my child gets sick?

We have a medical doctor on call 24/7 that can be accessed for an additional fee. Our advisors are also aware of the closest hospitals for medical emergencies. If needed, our advisors will make sure your child sees a doctor and is provided with proper care.

3. Will students have the opportunity to have their laundry done?

Laundry services will be provided at cost. Our advisors will help facilitate having laundry done. Volunteers will need to pay for laundry services. Laundry will be done every 4-5 days.

4. Will you help my child convert dollars to rupees?

Yes. Our advisors are there to assist your child in any way they need. The students will have plenty of opportunities to convert their money to rupees. They will not have to convert all of their dollars to rupees once. In fact, our advisors encourage them to convert small amounts at a time.

5. Do we have to provide our child with spending money?

Travel, housing, and all meals are covered in the cost of the summer program. However, we do suggest sending $200-$300 dollars of spending money. Many of the volunteers like having an option of going out to the movies, restaurants or malls in the evening (always with an advisor). It is at the volunteer’s discretion if they would like to attend extra events which require additional money.

6. Is there a dress code for Uplift Humanity India volunteers?

We are traveling to conservative parts of the country and will be working in facilities that require modesty. Some appropriate choices are long shorts, or slacks, polo shirts, and t-shirts. For our female students, leggings, capris, or lightweight pants and long t-shirts are appropriate for the facilities we volunteer at. For the male volunteers, long shorts and t-shirts are also acceptable. For the evening and weekend outings, please keep in mind of the surroundings and culture. Items that are NOT allowed would include short shorts, mini-skirts, short dresses, tank tops and sleeveless shirts, especially within the facility you are volunteering at.

7. How many volunteers are assigned in each room?

Each location is different. However, accommodations can range from either two or three students in each room. The rooms are NOT coed. Males will stay with males and females will stay with females.

8. Is my child able to pick his/her own roommates?

Volunteers may choose their roommates if they would like. Uplift Humanity usually matches roommates because the students typically do not know one another. Any roommate requests should be made at the time of registration. A few weeks prior to the trip, Uplift Humanity will finalize and share the paired roommates names, phone numbers, and emails so they can communicate with one another prior to their trip.

9. What happens if my child does not have family in the area to go with over the free weekend?

Don’t Worry! Many volunteers who do not have family locally choose to stay with our advisors over the weekend. The advisors plan culturally immersive experiences and/or trips for your child. We guarantee they will have lots of fun!

10. Can my child leave to visit family over the weekend?

Yes! On July 6th and 7th, students are allowed to leave the housing facility and spend some quality time with family and friends. Students are permitted to leave on Friday evening (July 6th) and are required to return to the housing site on Sunday (July 8th). All students who leave MUST be signed out by an authorized adult over the age of 18. Parents should provide this information in advance to the advisors for student safety.

11. Can family members and friends in India visit my child during their trip?

Of course! We would love to have family and friends visit with the volunteer. We have scheduled 2 times during their trip for visitor engagement. On Friday, June 29th, once the volunteers arrive, friends and family members are allowed to come between the hours of 9 AM and 11 AM to drop any items off, if necessary. During the free weekend, July 7-8th, the volunteers are allowed to visit friends and family. Uplift Humanity understands the students don’t make it to the area often and would enjoy visits with friends and family, but it is important for the student to remember they are there to educate and help others and their focus needs to be on their role with Uplift Humanity India.

12. Can my child leave the housing facility during the evenings and weekends on their own?

For safety reasons we do not allow the volunteers to leave the facility during the evenings unless they are with an Uplift Advisor. The advisors will plan activities for the volunteers in the evenings.

13. Where are the advisors that are traveling with my child from?

All of our advisors are from the US. Each one has a strong background in education, and are familiar with guiding students. Uplift Humanity’s advisors are bilingual, being fluent both in English and the language of the region they will be traveling to. All of our advisors are very comfortable working with and being around students.

14. How many advisors will be traveling with my child?

The number of advisors per locations depends on how many students we accept to the program. It can range anywhere from 1 to 4 advisors.

15. Can parents attend/volunteer with the student?

Unfortunately not. As much as we would love for the parents to join us on this adventure, we want the volunteers to really focus on their leadership and collaboration skills. This immersion program enables volunteers to provide life skills and education to others while fostering independence.

16. What flights are covered under Package A?

Package A includes flights from JFK to the designated volunteer site as well as the return to JFK. Parents are required to make arrangements for volunteers to be dropped off at JFK and must be picked up from JFK upon return. Flight information will be provided during the orientation to assist parents in arranging any additional transportation they may need to coordinate.

17. Can we choose Package A and travel with you to India but come back at a later date?

No. If you choose Package A, you must travel within the specified dates with the advisor chaperones. Package A departs June 27th, 2018 and returns July 15th, 2018. If you wish to go earlier or stay longer, then you must choose Package B. By choosing package B, the parent/guardian will take responsibility for arranging on-time arrival and departure for the volunteer.

18. Are partial payments allowed?

Sadly, we do not accept partial payments. In order to secure your spot, the full payment is due at time of registration.

19. Do I need to obtain a visa for my child?

The Visa along with a valid passport that does not expire within 6 months of the trip is needed to participate in the volunteer program. There will be no refunds if any problems with passport or visas arise. Please visit the Cox and Kings Global website- for more information, and to apply for your child’s visa.